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At last fmCheckMate XSLT (BETA) is released

Posted by Russell Watson on September 1, 2013 at 4:40 PM Comments comments (0)

OK, it's not polished, it is not error-free, but it's here and it's mind-blowing.

fmCheckMate XSLT Library (BETA) is now available for download on the downloads page.

The fmCheckMate XSLT Library upgrades fmCheckMate from a Super-Tool to a Mega-Tool.

For those who are new here: fmCheckMate is the main tool in the fmWorkMate toolbox for converting copied FileMaker objects to XML and back.

Important notice before we go any further: 

The fmCheckMate XSLT Library is work in progress, this means:

  • Some things work, and some things don't (& it's not terribly well documented)
  • It is not guaranteed to do a) what it says, b) what you expect, c) what I expect, d) any good. But it might.
  • The bits of it I use are in a "it works for me" state - please help me to get it into a "it works for you" state!
  • If you have questions, suggestions, input, corrections, uncertainties or anything else, please contact me (e.g.: using the contact button on this website)


Here's how to use it:

  1. If you don't have fmWorkMate yet, download that first from the downloads page.
  2. Download the fmCheckMate XSLT Library from the downloads page.
  3. Unzip it to your documents folder. (~/Documents/CheckMate)
  4. Start fmWorkMate and then fmCheckMate.
  5. Copy some FileMaker objects and use fmCheckMate to convert them to XML (an fmxmlsnippet).
  6. Press Command+T (on Windows Ctrl+T) to open the XSLT Transformation window.
    (Note: If you are updating your version of the fmCheckMate XSLT Library press the reload button)
  7. Click an interesting looking transformation (see note below on abbreviations used in the names).
  8. If the result is an anlysis just look at, copy or save the text.
  9. If the result is a further fmxmlsnippet, press the [-> FM] button to convert the result back to FileMaker objects then paste them back into FileMaker.


About the XSLT file names

The XSLT files names have the following form:


The SourceType and ResultType describe the type of object expected: 

  • XMAA - Any/All FileMaker object types
  • XMLO - FileMaker 11 Layout Objects
  • XML2 - FileMaker 12 Layout Objects
  • XMTB - FileMaker Table Definitions
  • XMFD - FileMaker Field Definitions
  • XMSC - FileMaker Scripts
  • XMSS - FileMaker Script steps


Note: Script step (XMSS) transformations often also work correctly on scripts. Ditto Fields and tables.

The following terms are also used:

  • Text.List - Produces a list of information, usually limited to one result per line
  • Text - some other text result. 


To get the text of a script:
  1. Copy one or more scripts in FileMaker
  2. Open fmWorkMate and switch to fmCheckMate (or press Command 2)
  3. In fmCheckMate press the big [convert] button (or press Command+2 again)
  4. Press Command+T to open the XSLT transform chooser
  5. Select XMSS > Text.List Indented
=> You get a numbered list of the script steps (one line per step).

To get a list of all ID fields with serial numbers:
  1. Copy one or more tables in FileMaker
  2. Open fmWorkMate and switch to fmCheckMate (or press Command 2)
  3. In fmCheckMate press the big [convert] button (or press Command+2 again)
  4. Press Command+T to open the XSLT transform chooser
  5. Select XMFD > Text.List FieldsWithSerialnumbers

=> You get a list of the serial fields.

To change column-oriented table processing scripts (using Replace Field Contents) to record-oriented loops:


  1. Copy the Replace Field Contents in FileMaker
  2. Open fmWorkMate and switch to fmCheckMate (or press Command 2)
  3. In fmCheckMate press the big [convert] button (or press Command+2 again)
  4. Press Command+T to open the XSLT transform chooser
  5. Select XMSC = XMSC ExplodeReplaceFieldContentsToLoop
  6. Click the [-> FM] button (or press Command+Alt+V) to convert the fmxml back to FileMaker objects
  7. Paste the script steps back into the FileMaker script
=> Voilá, you now have a record-loop with Set Field instead of Replace Field Contents.


There is a whole bunch of other functions, ... I guess I'll be posting more about the available functions as people start using and enquiring about them.

Have fun, and let me know how it goes!


New release of fmWorkMate 0.9v21 beta

Posted by Russell Watson on August 8, 2013 at 7:50 PM Comments comments (0)

In this and recent versions:


You can now elegantly access fmWorkMate's new home,, directly from the fmWorkMate start page - just click the slider at the top right!


The Simple Calculator has been considerably improved:


  • you can add your own functions via the preferences page
  • useful _HexRGB and _HexRGBA functions have been added


The XSLT Chooser now keeps track of usage, so you can access your favourites quickly and easily.


...and, of course, fixed various bugs.

It's all on the downloads page.


:-) Happy programming!




New release of fmWorkMate

Posted by Russell Watson on June 27, 2013 at 7:40 PM Comments comments (0)

A new beta release of fmWorkMate is available on the downloads page.

fmWorkMate now has a built in ((slightly) intelligent) XSLT Transformation chooser (thanks for the good idea Peter! :-)

I guess I had better get round to publishing the XSLT Library soon, so that the chooser has something to choose!

>watch this space< ! (or the next one ;-)


fmSyntaxColorizer Beta is there

Posted by Russell Watson on November 26, 2012 at 6:10 PM Comments comments (1)

Hello FileMaker Developers!

fmSyntaxColorizer is a new killer-app to colorize your FileMaker scripts, formulas and your everyday life-as-a-FileMaker-database-developer.

Your work as a programmer was never so colorful - and never so productive! 

Until now!

With fmSyntaxColorizer from MrWatson and the MBS-Plugin from Monkeybread Sowtware you can get colorized IN JUST ONE CLICK!

Download fmSyntaxColorizer today from the downloads page, or directly from Monkeybread Sowtware with the latest release of the MBS plugin.

(If anybody is watching this blog - respect - the links will be coming this week ;-)

FileMaker 12 Certified Developer

Posted by Russell Watson on November 12, 2012 at 5:45 PM Comments comments (0)

In case I fogot to mention it,..

I am now not only a FileMaker 11 Certified Developer, but also FileMaker 12 Certified Developer,...

So feel free to contact me and ask questions, or look out for me on the technet forum

Keeping on the ball...


Ready, steady, (FileMaker) go!

Posted by Russell Watson on June 12, 2011 at 11:05 AM Comments comments (0)

Welcome to the fresher, newer, crisper MrWatson!

With the FileMaker Conference 2011 metaphorically and literally just around the corner, I'll soon be tanking fresh new ideas, and taking a fresh new look to the future.

I'm looking forward to sharing these ideas with you, and hope you'll join me here on life's never-ending leaning curve.

Yours, namely